A Siren’s Recollections (a past life)

The Poet and the Mermaid

The desert is no place for a mermaid. No place. She languished, parched as the amber desert floor. He was a refrain she could barely make out, above the din of slithering shadows and tumbleweed. His song grew strongest in the night, the pale moon having been known to encourage such things.
She stared out the window like a creature bound, feeling an unrequited kinship with all that shimmers. She longed for the man on the verge of a miracle.
Swept in the primal rhythm of winter, she thought his silent music would sustain her into spring.
And the full moon was witness to their unspoken oath, supporting the madness of such a risk, shedding silver on their heady silhouettes.

© 2019 Larry Kutcher


He swims a private channel
to her secret heart.
He knows the way so well.

Hidden coves,
obscure with reeds,
he finds by intuition.

Dark sea caves,
scratched on ancient walls,
he easily discerns.

He navigates those paths
unseen by most,
marks latitude and longitude
on her forbidden map,
trailing subtle shimmer
to the place that she calls home.

Larry Kutcher ©2018


The Silken Thread

Imago is a silken thread
weaving through the coarse tapestry
of an ordinary life.
It is spun,
color-fused, with a specificity beyond our capacity to know.
Born, unawares,
of a childhood blueprint,
unwittingly inked for keeps.
At times, it seems to disappear,
but is working on the underside,
invisible to the daily eye.
It is that stealth lullaby,
recurring nightsong of sorrow and joy,
that primal hum
your soul recognizes,
at once faraway and near.
It is the cosmic wild card,
subtle and insistent,
determining the pattern after all.

Larry Kutcher ©2018



The Worship of Self

Pray Without Ceasing

There has been a sharp increase in these horrific mass murder assaults in the last few decades. People ask why this evil is happening more often and with more intensity.
The usual answers given do not address the real cause. Mental illness, guns, violent movies, television, video games, and the self serving, dangerous political blaming do not truly answer the burning question as to how and why is this horrific evil increasing.

I believe it is ultimately a spiritual sickness and crisis of the heart, mind, and soul.

Over the last fifty years, radical leftists, secularists, atheists, and post modernists have been doing everything possible to ensure that God (especially in America’s historical Judeo Christian tradition, rooted firmly in the founding of our nation) and prayer have been removed from our schools and our culture in general. The powerful self restraint and moral precepts that an individual learns through having a relationship with God has systematically been replaced with a new religion that worships self.

Truth and morality now is all relative, based on how you “feel”, not actual facts or realities. The price of life itself has cheapened, evidenced by the tragic and glaring example of over 60 million unborn children butchered and killed through the abomination of abortion, since 1973 via Roe v Wade.

Violent, terrorist organizations like the radical leftists in Antifa, now surround the homes of people who simply have a different political view, and scream “we know where you sleep at night”, while trying to break though the front door. Or they take to the streets, terrorizing and threatening pedestrians and motorists who are unfortunate enough to being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This pure madness and evil is rising because we have all but removed the self restraint that a relationship with God teaches and fosters in us. The moral, ethical, and human decency that is nourished and blossoms in a culture breaks down and we are left with the worship of self. A self, for the most part, that is riddled with deep rooted fears, self loathing, anger, hatred, prejudices, jealousy, greed, confusion, and pain.

Dear Father God….we need you more than ever before. Sweet Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, only YOU can heal us and this land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says it best:
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Larry Kutcher  ~ 11/9/2018